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Carbon insetting

24th January 2022

Sustainable Procurement and Carbon Insetting – Why Your Business Should Care

Carbon insetting and sustainable procurement are inextricably linked – but what is it, why is it so important? Discover what carbon insetting is, what makes this climate management initiative significant, and why it is essential for businesses looking to secure to a more sustainable future.

Green Energy

14th January 2022

Ethical and Sustainable Procurement – Driving Change in Green Energy

As the European energy crisis starts to bite, we’ll be discussing how ethical and sustainable procurement can benefit businesses during this uncertain period, and what a move towards sustainability may mean for businesses and the energy industry going forwards.

Ethical procurement handshake

16th December 2021

New Year, New Goals: Ethical Procurement

It’s nearly the end of the year, and although it’s important to reflect on the last twelve months, it’s also helpful to look to the future and consider what your business needs going forwards. Read on to learn how becoming more sustainable and embracing ethical procurement in 2022 can strengthen your organisation.

Supporting soil through sustainable procurement

6th December 2021

Supporting Soil through Sustainable Procurement

Yesterday we celebrated World Soil Day – an annual day designed to raise awareness about soil’s important role in maintaining healthy ecosystems and human well-being, whilst addressing challenges in soil management and advocating for better soil health and sanitisation.  Read on to find out about some of the biggest problems facing soil, and how a sustainable supply chain can help.

Procurement benchmarking

17th November 2021

Why Benchmark Your Procurement Function

Every organisation aims to maintain a supply base that works efficiently and contributes to its success. Benchmarking its own procurement function against ‘best in class’ procurement is an essential part of this process. In this post, we explore procurement benchmarking, looking at what it is, what the benefits and challenges are, and how you can implement it in your organisation. 

21st September 2021

Spend Analysis – A Guide to Effective Cost Optimisation.

Where does your business spend its money? When was the last time you conducted a spend analysis? In most organisations, third party spend is the single biggest source of expenditure - representing anywhere between 40%-70% of turnover.

15th September 2021

Procurement to Profit – 11 Practical Ways to Improve Supply Network Performance.

You make your money when you buy” – is a popular saying amongst investors. It’s also something that applies in the world of business! in. Here are 11 practical tips to help your business improve procurement and drive better results from your supply chain.

20th November 2019

Procurement in SME’s

Every business requires external input to serve the needs of its customers and meet its strategic objectives. It is therefore a strategic business imperative to ensure that these inputs are competitively and sustainably sourced.

5th June 2019

Outsourcing: The Drawbacks

Outsourcing is a powerful tool that can be used to improve performance, optimise costs, and refocus on core competencies.


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